Turn Knowledge into Growth

An intelligent content engine on top of your disparate knowledge base. Embed interactive Q&A into your app grounded on your data. Workflows for writing blog posts, and technical documentation to educate, activate, and convert users faster.

Supercharge your knowledge base to activate users faster.

Drive customer success with the intelligent content engine

Catalog and index your knowledge base, configure custom Cortexes with rules, instructions, and brand persona. Then use the intelligent content engine to power in-product copilots, generate blogs, tutorials and educational content.

The Intelligent Content Engine

Designed from the ground up to get your users to the "a-ha" moment 90% faster. You have the answers, but they're buried. Cortex Click can help you, your users, and your employees find them.

Lightning fast Q&A over your knowledge base

Help your users find what they are looking for with a 1-click chat copilot in your product. Plus private, authenticated chat for your employees designed to accelerate support, marketing, and sales workflows.

Feature 01

Write long-form content

Tools to write tutorials, blogs, technical documents, and how-to guides. Higher quality output grounded in your knowledge base, and produced 90% faster.

Feature 02

API & SDK First

Public APIs for every feature we ship, and a TypeScript SDK for features like streaming chat with memory, and long form content generation in just a few lines of code. LLM-optimized web scrapers to index your marketing and docs websites, and tools for ingesting content from a variety of sources such as GitHub, Google Drive, Wordpress, Shopify, and more.

Feature 03

Personalized Content

Provide rules, instructions, personality traits, and brand guidelines that govern generated content and fit your style.

Cross Linking

Every answer and piece of generated content includes citations and references so that users can dive deeper.

Break the Walled Garden

Tools to integrate with Slack, Zendesk, Discord, Salesforce, Hubspot and more. Inject the intelligent content engine where you need it.

Intelligent Catalog

Turn your disparate and scrattered knowledge base into a competive asset. Indexed, up to date, and ready for intelligent content generation.


Create specialized agents for tasks like user Q&A, support, blog writing, and internal GTM tasks like answering security questionnaires. Customize the catalogs they can search, instructions for the job to be done, and tone and brand persona for the output.

Content On-Demand

The intelligent content engine at your finger tips where you need it. Embedded product copilots, internal chat for sales, blog writing tools for marketers, and APIs & SDKs for engineers building custom experiences.

Unified Go-to-Market

Tools for better collaboration between engineering, sales, and marketing -- from generating top of funnel traffic to customer success and everything in between.

Feature 04
The Intelligent Education Platform

Connect with your audience

Spread your message, with the power of Cortex Click.

Intelligent Customer Education

Activate your customers faster.

For Developers

Embedded Product Copilot

Add in-product chat over your developer documentation, GitHub code examples, and more.


Streaming chat, programmatic content generation, and more in just a few lines of code.

Ingestion Tools

SDKs for getting your content into the platform. Ingest content with LLM-optimized web scrapers, and tools for indexing GitHub, Google Drive, Wordpress, Shopify, and more.

For Marketers

Content Writing

Write high-quality technical content 90% faster. Reduce the back and forth time in review required to get the details right.


Turn a spreadsheet of SEO keywords into a content strategy.

Content Recommendations

Intelligent recommendations on what content to write based on insights from support channels and the in-product copilot.

For Sales


Speak with confidence on any domain. Self-service answers to questions without a round trip to your product and engineering teams.

Go-to-Market Automation

Close deals faster by automating tasks like RFP generation, and answering security questionnaires.

Account Support and Growth

Suppor your customers with integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, Discord, and more.

Pricing plans

Flexible plans and features

Sign up for 50 free credits, no credit card required. Pay-as-you-go from there.

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Included Chat Credits
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Included Content Credits
150/mo Included Content Credits
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3 Cortexes
7 Cortexes
Custom Cortexes
2 Catalogs
5 Catalogs
Custom Catalogs
Indexed Documents
1,000 Indexed Documents
10,000 Indexed Documents
Custom Indexed Documents
LLM-Optimized Web Scraping
1,000 pages/mo LLM-Optimized Web Scraping
5,000 pages/mo LLM-Optimized Web Scraping
Custom LLM-Optimized Web Scraping
Premium Support
Premium Support
Premium Support
Premium Support
Educate your users. Activate, convert, and close 90% faster.

Intelligent Customer Education

Answers at your customer's fingertips.